VIDEO: SENATE DEMS CLAIM BLUNT AMENDMENT WOULD PUT CEO BETWEEN WOMAN AND HER DOCTOR | Senate Democrats are pushing back against a proposed Republican amendment that could endanger millions of women’s insurance coverage for preventive health care. The measure, introduced by Sen. Roy Blunt (R), would allow any employer to deny coverage of health services to their employees on the basis of their personal moral objections, including the new requirement to cover contraception at no additional cost. “If the Blunt amendment passes, a corporate CEO who doesn’t believe in birth control could simply decide to take it away from his employee’s health care coverage,” according to a video from Senate Democrats [see above].

The Blunt amendment will come to a vote in the Senate on Thursday.


I just want to add a few things:

Not just cis women need and want contraception coverage and will be affected by this harmful legislation.

This amendment from Roy Blunt is far more expansive than denying contraceptive coverage. Any employer [not just religious institutions] can refuse to cover any service or preventative care [not just contraception] for any “moral belief” [not just religious reasons]. As I already blogged about:

Under the measure, an insurer or an employer would be able to claim a moral or religious objection to covering HIV/AIDS screenings, Type 2 Diabetes treatments, cancer tests or anything else they deem inappropriate or the result of an “unhealthy” or “immoral” lifestyle. Similarly, a health plan could refuse to cover mental health care on the grounds that the plan believes that psychiatric problems should be treated with prayer.

Here’s another article on the amendment and upcoming Senate vote.

This just makes my skin crawl. Especially now that I’m an insurance industry drone (I’ll try to elaborate on how that relates to the skin crawling later, when my brain isn’t totally shot by the idea that I have to go to my horrorshow of a job in said industry in 20 minutes).

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